Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Making The Low Go

Lows are one of the scary realities of type 1 diabetes, they keep me up at night with worry and they often cause me to second guess myself on a pretty regular basis when it comes to bedtime snacks for my girls.

Because lows can happen anywhere at anytime, I like to travel with an arsenal of supplies ready at a moments notice.

My go to of choice lately are the glucose tablets. My girls love these things, Lil Miss C has been known to say she is low just so she can get her hands on those "giant candies". I always check her blood sugar when she says she is low, but many times she is not low...she just wants a treat. Pretty smart for a two year old!

Some other go to items for treating lows...

Juice boxes...these are great for those lows that happen at 3:00 am. I have never been able to get my kids to chew on food or tablets at that hour.

Milk...when they aren't too low I use this

Candy...not very often because I don't buy it, we use it after the holidays when the girls stocked up on the halloween treats :)

Raisins...they loooooove raisins and want them all the time

And for the worst case scenario...

Glucagon...I have never had to use this and I pray I never do, that being said...I never leave home without it.

So there ya have it :) Those are a few of the things that we use to "Make the Low Go".


  1. Oh the glucagon....so glad to have it, so hope to never use it......

  2. Oh Raisins! I forgot to put those on my short list. My youngest LOVES raisins! My other two won't eat them, but I always have them on hand!

  3. Yours is the second blog to mention raisins... Elise has never tried them, might I might have to give them a test run one of these days.

  4. I may have to try raisins too!! Thanks for sharing your LOW tips. :)

  5. Hey Connie - I don't know why, but your post didn't show on my blog roll!!! I would have 'been over here' each day :(. I had used raisins with Joe his first year after diagnosis...now the little bugger hates them (he hardly eats any fruit...loves veggies, hates fruit - weird kid). We are glucose tab peeps too. xoxo

  6. I'm a little late commenting on this, but was just reading through your posts for Blog Week and wanted to mention quickly...instead of spending what I consider a ridiculous amount for a small tube of glucose gel, we buy the little tubes of decorator icing. I've had my blood sugar go as low as low can be (estimated at 4 by emergency room docs) and even at that point, survival instincts will set in and your child will try to swallow anything you put in his/her mouth! So much easier to squirt a tube of frosting into their mouths than it is to mix up a glucagon needle!