Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm still here...really, I am!

Life has been very, VERY busy! I don't see it slowing down anytime fact, I feel like life is going to be pretty hectic for me in the near future. Miss E will be starting kindergarten in about a heart is racing as I sit here and write the words. I know that this is a wonderful thing, one that I do look forward to...but I am also dreading it. Is that even possible?! Looking forward to something and in the same sentence dreading it?!

I have never been apart from Miss E for more then an hour since she was diagnosed with T1...I am thrilled at the thought of her entering school and taking that journey, but I am scared too. It's hard to imagine someone other then myself caring for my baby...someone caring for her health, watching over her, protecting her. I know that parents leave their children in the care of others all the time, but this is the first time I will be letting someone else do it for me. I need to prepare myself emotionally for this, I know she will be fine but my ever-worrying mind just won't rest.

I went to a birthday party today with my girls and met a few parents who have kids that will be going to the same school as Miss E...of course I was trying to get all the inside scoop on the school and so far have heard nothing but wonderful things. I will hold on to those positive words and prepare myself and Miss E for this big moment. I am anticipating great things, a little fear and a lot of tears...from ME of course!


  1. She will do great and so will you! Bekah was a little over half way through her kindergarten year when she was dx. It was hard not to pull her out but she LOVES school. This fall will be first grade. All day, gulp. I have tons of fears that I can't even put down in a blog just yet. Take it one day at a time and soon you'll both be having such a great time, the fears will fade (they won't go away but it'll all be ok). Good luck!

  2. Can you set a meeting with the school nurse and K teacher beforehand? This may help to allay some fears, and help to make you more comfortable with the transition. Good luck and stay strong!

  3. Connie...reading this brought me back in time to 2 years ago. I too had not been separated for more than an hour or so from Joe since he was diagnosed at 3 years of age. It is a "transition" for sure... I cried the first day...and was a little emotional for about a week.

    As Pam stated above, definitely meet with the school...nurse, teacher, etc. prior.

    I also have cheat sheets and a daily log (carb counts and places for the school nurse to document BGs and insulin given) on my blog...on the side bar. You are more than welcome to use any and all materials from there and tweak them as you see fit. I get it...and that is part of the reason I started blogging in the first people didn't have to keep re-inventing the wheel.


  4. It's exciting and scary!! K is such a neat year... They learn and grow so much!! As a K teacher.... Do you have a 504? Have you talked to the school about D? If you are interested, email me (or leave a blog comment) and I can email you some things I have for school...Avery's 504, fact sheet, pump instructions, etc. I also have some other info that might help. Let me know!!

  5. You already have such good advice on the comments.....I don't really have anything to add. I am going to meet with Matthew's teachers, just so they won't worry so much....and will know what to watch for. But it's easier for me because he's older and is learning to recognize and treat lows.

    I will pray for you, though!!

    So glad you're back! I want to keep getting to know you and your sweet girl! : )

  6. School will be great. Like Hallie said... get your 504. I also request a meeting with the teacher a few days before school starts. They don't mind and usually appreciate it. Just try do meet everyone in advance... the first day of school is always nuts :)

  7. Connie! I am feeling the same way! It is scary. Good luck!

  8. Each new school year brings the worries along with it! Is it full or half day? My boys did half days, with one blood sugar check before snack. After going through the educating process, (which takes a lot out of you,) you all will settle in, and you and your little girl will have a wonderful year! I just KNOW it!

  9. T was 12 when he was diagnosed in Feb and I have never admitted this but I sat in the Junior High parking lot the first day he went back to school after diagnosis. The next few days I drove to town so I would only be a few minutes away. He did GREAT- me kinda a mess. We got a 504 and met with the teachers and all went well. He is doing fine. Our daughter is five and starting K this year too. (she doesn't have t1) We can cry together the first day!
    Our kids are amazing.